Den økologiske transformasjonen av Cuba

The Ecological Transformation Of Cuba av Richard Levins Faced with an extremely difficult economic situation following the loss of its major trade relations, a tightened U. S. blockade, and a world recession, Cuba has taken major steps towards building an ecological society. The major change in the orientation of development strategy that is now taking … Mer Den økologiske transformasjonen av Cuba

Hvordan Cuba blir økologisk

How Cuba is going ecological av Richard Levins © Capitalism Nature Socialism While the world environmental problems continue to worsen despite intensive research and rhetoric, how come a poor Third World country besieged by a hostile neighbor has been able to embark on an ecological pathway of development that combines sustainability, equity, and quality of life … Mer Hvordan Cuba blir økologisk

En viktig biologisk art – menneskeheten – er i fare for å forsvinne

Tomorrow will be too late [The following is the complete text of Cuban President Fidel Castro’s speech at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro on June 12. The text comes from Radio Havana via Pegasus.] An important biological species — humankind — is at risk of disappearing due to the rapid and progressive elimination … Mer En viktig biologisk art – menneskeheten – er i fare for å forsvinne

Bok: Cuba’s Transition to Ecological Sustainability

Av Jan Strömdahl WWF internationals rapport for 2006 inneholder et diagram som viser hvordan de forskjellige land forholder seg til holdbar utvikling. Diagrammet bruker FNs Human Development Index målte verdier. Living Planet Report slår fast at Cuba er det eneste landet i verden som klarer begge kriteriene for holdbar utvikling. Svensk språk. Kr. 150.-   … Mer Bok: Cuba’s Transition to Ecological Sustainability